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2016  Volume 40 

Optimum Selection of an Intermediate Material for "Rotary Shearing Die Cutter" for Metal-foil Cutting
Key words Metal foil die cutter shearing, rotary, intermediate material, burr


"Sheet Shearing Method" (International Publication NO. WO 2010/013818 A1) owned by NipponTungsten allows a die punch to cut a thin plate with high-quality without fitting in the die. This is a non-fitting cutting method and also applied to a die cutter (rotary-cut type) which has been commercialized as a metal-foil die cutter (rotary shearing die cutter). The rotary shearing die cutter requires an intermediate material. However, effects of such intermediate material on the cutting quality or manufacturing conditions have not been investigated in detail. In this study, we investigated the effects of the intermediate material for a rotary shearing die cutter on the cutting quality and behavior and selected an intermediate material suitable for metal-foil cutting.

Details HERE(PDF)

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