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2016  Volume 40 

Improvement of Product-life and Chippingresistance of a Cemented Carbide Rotary Cutter by Cemented Carbide-coated (CC) Anvil Roll
Yasutaka TSUJITA
Key words NT Die Cutter, rotary cutter, anvil roll, long life, wear resistance, chipping, high reliability


The NT Die Cutter consists of a die cutter having three dimensional cutter blades on the cylindrical outer surface and an anvil roll having a smooth cylindrical outer surface. NT Die Cutter is used all over the world as a cemented carbide rotary cutter for processing the outline of sanitary napkins and diapers at high speed. We developed "CC Anvil Roll", an anvil roll which satisfies both a long operational lifetime and low risk of cutting edge chipping (Patent No.5797408JP-B). CC Anvil Roll (Cemented Carbide-coated Anvil Roll) has a thin hard layer and achieves a long operational lifetime due to the excellent wear resistance of it and reduces the risk of cutting edge chipping with its cushion performance making use of low Young's modulus of the base material. In this study, we conducted a running test with other materials and carried out a comparative evaluation of CC Anvil Roll based on its abrasion behaviors. As a result, it was confirmed that CC Anvil Roll has excellent wear resistance comparable to a cemented carbide anvil roll and reduces the risk of cutting edge chipping.

Details HERE(PDF)

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