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Basic business policy

Nippon Tungsten has been answering the various needs of industry by making full use of our original product-developing ability and material-machining technology based on tungsten powder metallurgy, and are eager to make efforts toward the development of our business as a pioneer of next generation material.

Management Principles of Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd.

Our Corporate Philosophy

We’re creating a bright future for our employees and for people around the world through the following efforts:

  • We’re continuing to tackle the challenge of creating value in businesses originating from materials.
  • We’re constantly seeking to be the best supplier and an irreplaceable partner.

Our Way

  • Our passion is to tackle every challenge without fear of failure.
  • Based on a keen awareness of our primary roles, we take prompt and responsive action to achieve shared goals.
  • We do our utmost to exceed expectations based on good-faith efforts to grasp the needs and perspectives of others.

Based on above management principles, we would develop our business activity in cooperation with shareholders, customers and community, keeping harmony with environment as well.


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