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Message of President on Compliance

Since its foundation, as “a pioneer of next-generation material”, Nippon Tungsten has been observing the rules (norms) of society and deepening the communication with it as a good corporate citizen, being sincerely conscious of management principles.
In the society changing continuously at such a high speed that human being have never experienced, it is the task of ours to aspire to develop our company further without breaking up its history that has been accumulated by the wisdom and never-ending effort of forerunners. And, in other words, this is just the compliance.

Compliance is generally interpreted as behavior in keeping with laws and regulations, and we must work on the corporate activities in consideration of environment and happiness of next generation, with these laws and regulations being the means. Without holding beliefs of not confused by the change of
the times, we cannot turn a profit or even get in a situation far from keeping the company alive.
I think it important for Nippon Tungsten to understand this compliance as the basic principle of management and make efforts for its borderless promotion and thoroughgoing practice as a member of international society, always developing sincere and fair corporate activities.
To realize such corporate activities, each one of us, without exception, bears responsibilities to carry out the service based on the understanding of laws and rules (norms). As a guideline to clarify these responsibilities, we established “Nippon Tungsten’s Compliance Manual of Corporate Behavior” and “Nippon Tungsten’s Norm of Employees’ Behavior”. “Nippon Tungsten’s Compliance Manual of Corporate Behavior” shows the basic rules and, “Nippon Tungsten’s Norm of Employees’ Behavior”, the specific standards, in practicing the compliance.

Let’s realize and carry on the spirit of this compliance with pride and decency, being true to the name of Nippon Tungsten.

Shinji Goto


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