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Nippon Tungsten's Compliance Manual of Corporate Behavior

Under the management principles, all the board members and employees of Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd. not only comply with laws and regulations but also establish high corporate ethics and keep practicing them.
As a guide to the above, we established the following “Nippon Tungsten’s Compliance Manual of Corporate Behavior”.

Nippon Tungsten's Compliance Manual of Corporate Behavior

  • We pursue the reliance and satisfaction of customers, creating and providing values that are worth of social profit.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations and respect their spirit, putting fair, transparent and free competition into practice.
  • We positively and fairly disclose corporate information not only to stockholders but also to society on timely and properly basis.
  • In all aspects of corporate activities, we voluntarily and willingly make efforts for environmental preservation.
  • We respect the personal quality and human rights of individual employee, making efforts to maintain sound and productive working environment.
  • We respect the culture and custom of all nations and regions in the world, contributing to their economic and social development.
  • For eternity, we will never take a hand in any antisocial power or group that threatens the order and safety of civil society.
  • We firmly maintain fair and transparent relationship not only with government and administration but also with corporate bodies and individuals.
  • We take pride and notice in our behavior; make efforts for further betterment.
  • Top management and person in charge of each organization themselves comply with this Compliance Manual, trying hard to make every employee know it as well.


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