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1998  Volume 30 

Types and Application of Tungsten Wire
Types and Application of Tungsten Wire
Key words doped tungsten, dopant bubble, Sag Resistance Characteristic, Blackening Resistance Characteristic, incandescent lamp, halogen gas lamp, electronic-tube heater, sputtering-coil, corona discharge electrode, resistance to erosion and oxidation, copying machine, electric dust collector


There are three types of tungsten wires ( B ,BH ,and E lots)in general use, using in applications such as high-wattage incandescent lamps,double-coiled incandescent lamps,electronic tube heaters and sputtering coils. There are also two types of tungsten wire for special applications (B701 and B584 lots),including halogen gas lamps and shockproof lamps. These wire products are of high quality and have been rated highly by the industry. In addition to these two groups, wires with surface treatments (such as oxidized tungsten wire, gold-plated tungsten wire)are used for corona discharge in copying machines and electric dust collectors. In this way, a wide variety of tungsten wire products and specifications have been developed for various applications.
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