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1998  Volume 30 

Development of Sintered Ti-30Mo Alloy and its Corrosion Properties
Shigeya Sakaguchi, Kenji Nakahara and Yasunori Hayashi *)
*) Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering Faculty of Engineering Kyushu University
Key words Ti-Mo alloy, powder metallurgy, corrosion property, soaking test, electro-chemical measurement


Ti-30mass%Mo alloy is characterized by far better corrosion resistance than pure titanium in non-oxidizing acid such as 35% HCl solution. This alloy was newly developed in this work by a powder metallurgical process, because conventional melting-casting process had difficulties in manufacturing the alloy owing to its heavy gravity segregation.
The corrosion behavior of sintered Ti-30Mo alloy was studied by both immersion test and electro-chemical measurement. The corrosion rate of 1.3x10-2[mm/year] was obtained by immersion test in 35% HCl solution, which was 103 times superior to that of pure titanium. Potentio-dynamic polarization curve of this alloy in 35% HCl solution showed more noble corrosion potential and lower anodic current density than those of pure titanium. The passive film formed on the alloy, in which Mo was enriched by preferential dissolution of titanium, is considered to suppress the anodic reaction and improve its corrosion resistance.
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