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1998  Volume 30 

Mechanical Properties and Wear Behavior of Al2O3 Based Ceramics
Shinzo MITOMI, Mituyoshi NGANO, Haruka TAMURA*), Shigeo INOUE*), Tetuo UTIYAMA*)
*) Riken Co.Ltd Research & Development Division
Key words Al2O3, Composite, Wear resistance, Mechanical properties, Cutting tool


Mechanical properties and wear behavior were investigated on Al2O3 based ceramics added a variety of carbide or nitride etc. to toughen unless excellent resistance to wear of Al2O3 get worse ,and to develop the ceramic tool material which can resist using of heavy cutting. As the results, Al2O3 based ceramics added WC and Ti(C,N) had high strength and toughness and showed excellent resistance to wear for cutting of steel or cast iron. A correlation between mechanical properties and wear resistance was confirmed clearly at only the heavy cutting, the wear became smaller as mechanical properties was better. Furthermore, from the results of investigation on the relation between form of wear and wear resistance, it was found that reactive wear must be controlled at the high speed cutting ,and chipping wear must be restrained at heavy cutting to improve the wear resistance.
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