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2003  Volume 35 

Cemented carbides for corrosion resistant and sliding materials
Takuhiro NAKAGAWA, Akira MATUO, Shuichi IMASATO
Key words cemented carbide pump industries corrosion resistance wear resistance, sliding properties


Cemented carbides are applied to cutting tools, dies and wear resistant tools due to excellent mechanical properties such as high hardness and high strength.
Recently, these materials have been adopted in wide fields of pump industries; mechanical seal and shaft sleeve of ceramics bearing.
In using as sliding materials, cemented carbide parts sometimes suffer from wear and damage caused much earlier than the life expected by their hardness and strength.
They are caused by unique phenomenon such as corrosion, sliding wear or crack. We have to control those phenomena to fully exercise the properties of these hard materials.
In this paper, we talk about valuation methods and results of corrosion resistance and sliding properties for several kinds of cemented carbides used as sliding materials.
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