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2003  Volume 35 

Mechanical properties of high-purity, high-strength porous alumina ceramics
Toshikazu YASUKOCHI, Masanobu TAKASU, Mitsuyoshi NAGANO, Shigeya SAKAGUCHI
Key words alumina porous ceramics, high-purity, high-strength, vacuuming ability


Porous ceramics have been applied mainly to filters and catalyst carriers. However, these porous ceramics have some difficulties in applying to the parts of semiconductor production process due to its low strength and large pore. Since porous ceramics with large pores tend to hold and release many impurities, it is required to eliminate large pores and retain fine pores. The purpose of our study is to improve mechanical properties and vacuuming ability of high-purity alumina porous ceramics and we developed high-purity alumina porous ceramics with fine pores by a normal sintering process.
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