Introduction of Products


NT die cutter is a cemented carbide rotary cutter that is capable of high-speed cutting of nonwoven fabric cloth and paper that are impossible to cut by die punching or the like.
NT die cutter is used in the contour cutting and embossing of nonwoven fabric cloth, composite film and metallic foil.

After being put into market, NT die cutter has been improved to answer the needs of customers, having reputation by many domestic and overseas customers. We are making efforts in order to offer the products of best performance as the world leading manufacturer of cemented carbide rotary cutter from the factory acquired ISO9002.

Processes until NT die cutter is delivered to a customer

(1) Inquiry
Please let us know your product data such as contour, material, required accuracy and service life, and the production line conditions such as pressurizing system (air, hydraulic) and driving system. We are also engaged in the design and manufacture of production unit that surely realizes high accuracy and high wear-resistance of die cutter and anvil roll. In addition, if necessary, we dispatch our engineer for technical consultation.

(2) Approval drawing / Specification
Based on the data given by the customer, we present the drawings for approval and specification.

(3) Production and delivery
The ordered product is produced at ISO9002-approved factory and delivered in time of contracted term. In addition, if necessary, we are ready to give technical instruction for the installation and adjustment of the product.

(4) After-sale service
We are ready for after-sale service required by the customer such as trouble shooting, regrinding and additional machining of die cutter and anvil roll, education and training of operators, and recovery of used NT die cutter.


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