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NT Die Cutter customer support form / NTダイカッター カスタマーサポートフォーム 

This is an inquiry form for regrinding and defects for customers using NT die cutters.

Example of the description of the drawing number and model number

Please refer to the following for the description of the die cutter drawing number and model number.

The die cutter drawing number and model number. / ダイカッターの図番・型番の記載箇所
The die cutter drawing number and model number. / ダイカッターの図番・型番の記載箇所

Handling of Personal Information / 個人情報の取扱いについて

We shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage or disclosure of customers' personal information and to otherwise safely manage personal information, and shall not use such information for any other purposes or provide such information to any third party without the consent of the customer, except when there is a legitimate reason based on laws and regulations.


  • Personal information provided on this form will be used for the purpose of responding to your inquiry.
  • If you wish, we will send you information about our products and services, as well as invitations to our events.
    If you would like to be guided, please fill in the "Inquiry" field.
    ご希望者には、当社の製品・サービス情報の紹介や、イベント開催のご案内を送付させていただきます。 案内を希望されるお客様はお問い合わせ内容欄に記入ください。
  • The entered information will be properly managed in accordance with the personal information protection policy of Nippon Tungsten Co.

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