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2007  Volume 39 

High-Density Sintered Tungsten-based Material "Heavy Alloy"
Yusuke UHIDA, Shingo MUKAE
Key words high density, high melting point, mechanical intensity, oxidation resistance, alternative material of lead, radiation shielding, weight, mechanical processing, adaptation to environment


Tungsten has the features, such as the high melting point and high density, and is well used as electric allied products, material of radiation shielding, etc. However, there are various problems when actually using it: since it is unworkable material and made by powder metallurgy process, its form is limited. Sintered tungsten-based material "Heavy Alloy" has improved practical utilities such as improved processability and oxidation resistance leaving the strong point of tungsten. This time, we introduce about the tungsten-based material "heavy alloy" currently commercialized based on the powder metallurgy technology of our company.
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