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1999  Volume 31 

Corona Discharge Electrode for Air Cleaners
Yuji ITO, Koji FUJII, Keiji HARA
Key words air cleaner, corona discharge, ionization wire, surface finishing


The tungsten wires with various surface finishing are provided for corona discharge electrodes of air cleaners "Ionization Wires".
Tungsten is oxidized easily and corroded by dust particles, so the surface is deteriorated gradually, and irregular discharge may result.
To avoid the above disadvantages, it is very effective that the surface of tungsten wire is oxidized beforehand or plated with gold and platinum 'precious metals' which shows the good protection against corrosion and oxidation.
Tungsten wire for corona discharge electrodes was studied and improved as charge wires of PPC continuously. Furthermore tungsten wire for corona discharge electrodes shows also superiority as "Ionization Wire" for air cleaners.
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