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1999  Volume 31 

Application of Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys to the Musical Instrument Parts
Yasunao Kai, Dr. Shin-ichiro Iwamiya *), Katsuya Yamauchi
*) Kyushu Institute of Design
Key words W, Cu, music instrument, parts, endpin, tail gut, valve cap, top cap, mouthpiece, barrel ring, crown


Tungsten and tungsten alloy are the material‚“ that is used to the electricity contact point and electrode. Also recently, these materials are used as heat-sink of the semiconductor. Tungsten has the characteristic, high sound impeadance and high sound velocity. However, the application of tungsten and tungsten alloy to the musical instrument have not been reported. We applied these materials to the parts of the string instrument and the wind instrument. The applications of the musical instrument parts made by these metals are introduced in this paper. Furthermore, the sound effect of the musical instrument parts made by tungsten was evaluated by comparing with other several kinds of metals according to the SD method, Semantic Differential method.
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