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2000  Volume 32 

Corrosion behavior of TiCx Phase of Sintered Ti-Mo-TiC Alloy in Acid Solutions
Kenji NAKAHARA, Shigeya SAKAGUCHI, Yasunori HAYASHI *)
*) Dept. Material Science and Engineering, Fac. Eng., Kyushu University
Key words sintered Ti-Mo-TiC alloy, TiC, corrosion resistance, HCl, NaCl, NaOH


The corrosion behavior of TiC phase in Ti-20mass%Mo-33mass%TiC alloy (TM-2) and TiCx (X=0.55,0.75,1.0) compounds prepared through P/M technology was studied by immersion tests and electrochemical measurements. The immersion tests in 35%HCl and 3%NaCl solutions showed that the TiC phase in TM-2 and TiCx had excellent corrosion resistance in these solutions. The corrosion rates of TM-2 and TiCx in 5%HNO3 solution were over 10 times higher than those of 35%HCl solution because of the dissolution of TiC phase. From the potentiodynamic polarization curves, it was concluded that the dissolution reaction of the TiC phase in TM-2 and TiCx in 5%HNO3 solution included not only an electrochemical reaction, but also a chemical decomposition. The main corrosion of TM-2 was due to the dissolution of β-Ti phase in 35%HCl and 3%NaCl solutions, and the dissolution of TiC phase in 5%HNO3 solution, respectively.
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