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Tungsten Rod
Tungsten rods have superior heat resistance, thermion emission, strength and hardness. Therefore, they are used for various applications, such as discharge electrodes, anchors for electronic tubes, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) rods, and probe pins. In addition to ordinary tungsten products, we offer high-purity tungsten products (5-N pure products; PT05).

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Main Materials

Material NameCode NameComponent [%]QualityApplication
TungstenTR≥99.96Ordinary tungstenGeneral
High-purity TungstenPT05≃99.999High-purity tungsten in 5N pure levelMercury lamps, xenon lamps, etc.
Electrodes for discharge lamps
[ For General Use ]
Code NameTMIAS Symbol*W Purity [%]Diameter [mm]ToleranceApplication
TRVWB1≥99.96≤0.1+/- 1 µmGeneral
φ0.1–26+/- 1%
VWB2φ0.1–26+/- 3%
PT05VWB1≃99.999≤0.1+/- 1 µmMercury lamps and xenon lamps
φ0.1–26+/- 1%
VWB2φ0.1–26+/- 3%
- *Standards defined by TMIAS (Japan Tungsten & Molybdenum Industry Association)
- Surface-finishing types: May be either "as drawn" (D), "chemically treated" (C), "electropolishing" (E), or "ground" (G); "as swaged" (S) is only possible for VWB2
[ For EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) ]
We have reduced the manufacturing cost by not machining tungsten rods intended for electric discharge drilling electrodes.
---- Standard Size ----
Diameter [mm]Diameter ToleranceLength [mm]Length Tolerance [mm]
φ0.050–0.100+/- 1 µm100–500+/- 1
φ0.100–0.500+/- 1% of diameter
[ For TIG Welding ]
Tungsten electrode rods for TIG welding are easily startable and are receiving an excellent reputation in stability and durability.
Material NameSymbolColorWelding CurrentWelded Metals
TungstenYWPGreenAlternateAluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and other light metals

[ For Others ]
Depending on the intended application, you may also request grinding, polishing, machining, bending, brazing and/or other secondary processing treatments. Please contact us for further information.

Standard Size

Diameter [mm]Diameter Tolerance [mm]Length [mm]Length Tolerance [mm]
1.0, 1.6, and 2.4+/- 0.0575+/- 1.0
3.2, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.4+/- 0.1150
Electropolishing surface finish

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