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Ring and sleeve (corrosion resistant and sliding material)
We are supplying various kinds of original corrosion resistant and sliding products based on our technology accumulated for a long time. The technology is highly evaluated by pertinent industries and academic associations; for example, we won the Association Prize of Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers Association.
Consequently, we occupy about 80% market share of seal ring (a part of shaft sealing device to prevent sealed fluid from leaking out of the rotary shaft of pump) for its excellent corrosion resistance.
Wear- and corrosion resistant cemented carbide is used as a sleeve of vertical mixed flow pump bearing used in a power plant and chemical plants.


* Sliding portion of bearing for vertical and horizontal mixed flow pump

* The bearing is composed of a shaft sleeve made of hard material (cemented carbide, cermet, titanium hard material) at the sliding portion and ceramics at the fixed portion.


* Our seal ring enables a dry start of pump, so it makes unnecessary to provide a water supplying system for preventing seizure to simplify the pump structure.

* Because of its excellent wear resistance, our seal ring is possible to use in seawater and river water having high concentration of hard foreign substance such as sand. It shows remarkably a longer service life than cut race rubber bearing and Teflon bearing do.

* In the case of a pump used in seawater, corrosion is a serious problem. Our seal ring (made from Ti-Mo alloy), however, withstands to a long use because of excellent corrosion resistance.

* Large-sized (dia300 x 350) sleeves are available. (Please contact us for the details.)


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