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2017  Volume 41 

Construction of a One-by-one Production System for Resistance Welding Electrodes
Tatsuro YAMAGUCHI, Taro KUROKI, Yasunari TANAKA, Kazutomi NAGANO, Yousuke SAKURAI, Yuuki OHTA
Key words TK Electrode, Toyota Production System (TPS), lead time, one-by-one production system


The number of electrical components in automobile parts has increased in recent years, and demand is increasing for our products, especially "TK Electrode", our representative resistance welding electrode. Owing to large fluctuations in demand for such electrodes, a production system that can flexibly respond to demand was urgently required. We constructed a production system adopting concepts from the Toyota Production System. As a result, we could shorten the production lead time of TK Electrode by constructing one-by-one production system, and cope with increased demand and respond flexibly to demand fluctuations.

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