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2001  Volume 33 

Effects of Mixed Amounts of Mo on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Mo-TiC Sintered Hard Alloy
K.Tokumoto, T.Kitada, H.Shinoaki, S.Sakaguchi
Key words Ti-Mo-TiC sintered hard alloy, effect of mixed amounts of Mo, microstructure, mechanical property, corrosion resistance


Ti-Mo-47.4vol%TiC alloys were prepared through P/M technology and their microstructures and mechanical properties were investigated as a function of the mixed amounts of Mo. Ti-(2.6vol%-16.4vol%)Mo-TiC alloys had higher relative density values than 97%. Ti-TiC alloy has TiC phase, α-Ti phase and β-Ti phase, while Ti-(2.6vol%-27.0vol%)Mo-TiC alloys have TiC phase and β-Ti phase. The contents of TiC phase in alloy were increased compared with the amounts of mixed TiC, while they were decreased with the increase of the mixed amounts of Mo. Mean diameter of TiC grains in the alloys is increased with the increase of sintering temperature, while it is decreased remarkably with the increase of mixed amounts of Mo. Hardness and transverse-rupture strength of these alloys were slightly affected by mixed amounts of Mo. Corrosion resistance of Ti-(2.6vol%-8.5vol%)Mo-TiC alloys were thought to be excellent. It was concluded that Ti-(2.6vol%-8.5vol%)Mo-47.4vol%TiC alloys have better combination of hardness, transverse-rupture strength and corrosion resistance than those of other alloys.
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