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2005  Volume 37 

Effectiveness of carbon-dispersed cemented carbide on the tribological properties of mechanical seal rings
Ryuichi SAKAMOTO, Akira MATSUO, Shuichi IMASATO, Kiyoto MURAKAMI*, Kenji MATSUDA**, Motohiro KANETA**
Key words Mechanical seal, carbon-dispersed cemented carbide, tribological properties, micro pit, surface.


Cemented carbide is known as an excellent tribo-material*1 and therefore applied to mechanical seals, bearings, dies, and so on. Recently, the research on tribo-properties has become more important for the tribo-material development in accordance with needs of improved wear resistance and higher operation speed. In this study, effect of binder-less cemented carbide with dispersed modular carbon on tribo-properties was evaluated and considered. In the result, the effectiveness of frictional surface feature and self lubrication due to dispersed carbon on tribo-properties was found.

*1tribo-, tribology: the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion and of related subjects and practices (OECD glossary in 1966)
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