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2005  Volume 37 

Development of A New Ag-WC-Carbide Series Composite Material for Electric Contact
Tomoki OOBA, Tetuya OKAMOTO, Yuuji KUBO, Yuusuke UCHIDA, Takahiro FUJITA
Key words The molded case circuit breaker, Ag-WC-Carbides, particle size of WC, inclusion of other carbides, sintering additive, sintered temperature, wear resistance, welding resistance, contact resistance


At present, "HD-8(Ag-WC-Carbides)" has been used for the molded case circuit breakers in the middle range. Customers have been extremely demanding for quality of contact materials along with miniaturization, high-efficiency of equipment and reduction of environmental burdens, and further improved performance of the contact.
In this report, we examined the contact performance in changing of manufacturing conditions to improve the welding resistance of HD-8. As a result, we developed a new material "HD-18F" with low contact resistance and high welding resistance.
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