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Various uses of Tungsten products 

Nippon Tungusten is aiming to produce such products that support people's daily life and bring hopeful future.
Technologies of our s are incorporated in many familiar products supporting people's life and also used in machine parts and tools for manufacturing those products.

Products relating to lighting

Human history began with the creation of light to make it a partner of living. Nippon Tungusten supports the development of various light sources and offers important technologies for human being in the shape of material.

At the Office

What is indispensable for business activity is office automation equipment such as copying machine, printer, crystalline liquid projector, server and personal computer. Our products are constituent parts of the above equipment and supporting the daily activity of business.

At home and in people's daily life

At present, personal computers and digital-based home electric appliances are familiar at home. Our magnetic head and electronic parts material make those devices possible.

For infractructure

Completion of infrastructure is essential for improving people's daily life. Nippon Tungsten supports the infrastructure by producing high-stable parts necessary fot the supply of electricity.
Our products are indispensable not only for the stable supply of electricity and water that are the basic lifeline of people but also for the systems for crisis management. They play an active role in creating a safe and comfortable urban scene.

For enviroment and energy

Importance of nuclesr power generation is becoming larger and larger as clean energy that dose not emit greenhouse effect gas such as CO2. Our company has developed enviromentally friendly tungusten sheets as a radiation shielding material to replace lead one; the sheet is used for inservice inspection, etc. in nuclear power plants.

For hobbies and sports

Tungsten products are not limited to industrial applications, but are also used in musical instruments, fishing tackle, golf clubs and other surprising places.


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