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Tungsten Ribbon
As tungsten is a material hard to process, production of minimum tungsten ribbon (thin sheet) such as the one under 1 mm size was heretofore considered impossible. However, Nippon Tungsten's exclusive technologies have enabled it. Our tungsten ribbon products are introduced on this page.

Available Production Sizes

Available extension in width is from 2.5 to 8.0 times of its thickness. We have supplied various types of ribbons from 5x20µm (0.005x0.02mm) to 500x3000µm (0.5x3mm).
Cross-sectional structure of tungsten ribbon is shown in Photo 1. Edges are rounded.

Surface Treatment

Treatments on the surface such as shown below are available.
(1) Electropolishing Product: Surface with metallic luster processed by electropolishing
(2) Mirror Surface Product: More smoothened surface by electrolytic polish-treatment
(3) Metal Plating Product: Surface plated with gold, etc.

Advantages of Ribbon-Shape

Summarized below are the advantages of adopting ribbon-shape.
(1) Reduction in Coil Weight
With the same MG, ribbon-shape wire is formed into longer coil than round-shape one. This means that coil made of ribbon-shape wire is lighter in comparing with the same-length coil.
* MG is the weight (mg) of 200mm-length-cutted wire.
(2) Minimization in Coil Diameter
External diameter of ribbon-shape-wire coil is smaller, comparing with the same MG wire as shown in Photo 5.
(3) Increase of Coverage Area
As indicated in Photo 5, ribbon-shape-wire can cover larger area than the same MG.
(4) Deformation-Resistance
Ribbon-shape-wire coil has stronger deformation-resistance in width direction than round-shape-wire coil. At the same time, it is easier to be deformed in thickness direction.

For Other Sizes

Please feel free to contact us for other sizes or surface treatments.


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