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2004  Volume 36 

The development of the low thermal expansion ceramic " NPCR-1 "
Toshikazu YASUKOCHI, Masanobu TAKASU, Tsuyoshi ASADA, Osamu NAKANO
Key words NPCR-1,low thermal expansion ceramics, high Young's modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE), mirror surface


Ceramics has been used as structural materials due to its excellent properties such as low density, high hardness and high Young's modulus. In recent years, high precision is required for the parts and low thermal expansion ceramic materials are used. However, as the structural material of the precise part, it is insufficient from the strength and the surface property point. Moreover, it is also required to control the thermal expansion sufficiently.
In order to solve these problems, we have developed high-strength low thermal expansion ceramic materials that control the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) zero at near room temperature.
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