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NT Die Cutter
The NT Die Cutter (R) is the world's first cemented carbide cutter to be put into practical use. Its process of cutting thin materials such as non-woven fabric and films at high speed contributes to improved productivity.
Our rotary die cutters take advantage of the superior hardness and mechanical strength of cemented carbide to provide a long service life and high-speed production. We offer long-life cemented carbide rotary die cutters that provide the highest productivity in the field of high-speed mass production of thin materials.

Our Achievements

Nippon Tungsten is a pioneer of cemented carbide die cutters for sanitary products whose products have been widely adopted by customers and sanitary product manufacturers both in Japan and abroad, and boasts one of the largest market shares in the world.
Nippon Tungsten products implement both higher speed and longer service life.
34 years of production and sales
Our products are used in more than 30 countries
More than 5,000 units delivered
Sanitary napkins
Adult diapers
Children's diapers

Product Lineup

Feminine Care

· High-precision frame
· Product/trim adhesion
· Abrasion-resistant
· Adhesion-resistant inserts
· Supports 1500ppm

Feminie Care

Adult Care

· µDCT
· High-precision/vibration-resistant frame
· Trim adhesion
· Supports 400ppm

Adult Care

Baby Care

· µDCT
· High-precision/vibration-resistant frame
· Trim adhesion
· Supports 1000ppm

Baby Care


· Corrosion-resistant alloy
· Perforated cut


Technical Support

Nippon Tungsten meets customers' needs by designing and manufacturing units that are both functional and have a long service life, and also provides re-polishing services with worldwide support, as well as technical support services when production troubles occur.

Maintenance and re-polishing centers in 7 countries
High-performance units


We can meet delivery dates according to our customers' needs with our extensive support base.
We also accept products made by other companies.



Our experienced technical staff provides technical support to help solve production troubles.

High-performance Units

In recent years, as production lines become faster and materials become more diverse, the role of cemented carbide die cutters and die cutter units as modules is becoming increasingly important.
Detailed informational materials are available at the download page below.

Test Cut Line

Test Cut Line1
Test Cut Line2
Test Cut Line3

We run our machinery under the same production conditions (non-woven fabric, production speed, etc.) as our customers in order to verify factors such as temperature increase and cutting performance.
It is also possible to install a large die cutter for adult diapers.

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We developed the NT Die Cutter, the world's first cemented carbide rotary die cutter, which has been used many years by customers all over the world. Since its development, we have been continually innovating and contributing to our customers' improvements in productivity. Furthermore, our service bases in major regions around the world allow us to remain in close proximity with our customers and provide prompt after-sales service.
We are able to offer varied solutions to their requests for longer product life and higher speed in the cutting process through the use of our cemented carbide materials and unique technologies.
Employee assigned to SV-Nittan Jin SakagamiEmployee assigned to SV-Nittan
Jin Sakagami

Detailed informational materials are available for download.

Click here for informational materials on Micro DCT, a technology that suppresses shaft deflection.
Micro Deflection Contorl Techology.pdf

Customer support

An inquiry form for regrinding and defects for customers using NT die cutters.

NT Die Cutter customer support form


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