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ENGINEERING CERAMICS Functional Inorganic Paint "NC Series"

Our NC series of functional Inorganic Paints are coating products made by sol-gel method. Painting those products on metals like aluminums and adding thermal curing, Ceramic coatings with various functions are formed.
- Ceramic coatings are formed at low temperature down to 300 degrees Celsius.
- Formed coatings are adhered firmly to metals like aluminums by chemical bond (It depends on the type of substrates).
- Heat-resistance of formed coatings is as high as 350 degrees Celsius.

Features of High Reflective Inorganic Paint "NC-RA"

1. High reflectivity over a wide region up to the near-UV region.
2. No degradation (e.g., yellowing) occurred by UV.
Application example: Near-UV LED, Natural Light LED

Features of High Thermal Conductive Inorganic Paint "NC-T5"

1. Thermal conductivity: 4.4W/m„K (Representative Value)
2. High insulation: More than 60kV/mm
3. High heat-resistance: 350 degrees Celsius

Application example: Use for insulating heat radiation of power devices, etc.

Properties of Functional Inorganic Paint "NC Series"

(360-740nm average)
> 90%( > 50% )
Heat-conductivity( 1-2W/m*K )4.4W/m*K
Breakdown voltage> 30kV/mm> 60kV/mm
Infrared emissivity at 100 degrees Celsius0.90.81
Heat resisting temperature350 degrees Celsius350 degrees Celsius
Values in parentheses are reference values.


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